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Venice Beach California

One of my favorite places to go for a variety of reasons is Venice beach. The beach is quite beautiful and you may actually see a dolphin or six while soaking up the sun or boogie boarding. The other thing I love about Venice is the biking path that runs for many miles along the Pacific Coast. If you like to ride your bike or roller skate, either is a fun way to see the great sites at Venice Beach.

There is a area at Venice beach where everyone gets together and skates. Loud music and lots of fun people to hang out with! People watching is the other reason to go. There are a wide variety of interesting people to check out!

Me at venice skatingMe skating at Venice Beach
Check out the Venice beach webcam and try to find me skating!


Shopping along the boardwalk is also a fun thing to do. There are restaurants and places to get some food, ice cream and so much more. If you love the beach and doing any of the things I’ve mentioned, go to Venice beach. You’ll have a ball! Please share your experience at Venice Beach!

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