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I’m one of those rare people that was born and reared in Southern California. I lived in the Glendale area until 2007. Now living in beautiful Fallbrook, the change has been difficult but I don’t think I could live any place else. This site is to help give an insiders look at all thing Southern California, and some things not So. Cal 😀

My reviews will be south of Santa Barbara since I feel that “North California” should be it’s own state (people up there are just different than us South Californian’s). Hey they have North Carolina/South Carolina, North Dakota/South Dakota… so why not have North California and my favorite South California!

Please send me any thoughts or comments about my blog because I love to hear from you.

If you would like to be a guest reviewer, please email me at:

Contact me here >>>The Reviewer<<<

 Here are some pictures of your goofy reviewer. Comments are welcome as long as they aren’t mean 😉

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Newest Pictures >>>   me today 5715    3 layers lol    metoday71715    2selfiesaturdayaugust12015 

boots me2d roomba and me meand noods meand noods1 me13 meagain DBR Auto Detail me5314.1 me  again in may new hair dooo me photo bomber nogray nov24 january2015 metoday31915 june28th new outfit hold it steady like this outfit me  again bitch stole my look cropped me2 Big winner Bikini pic sharon1110 silly me Me 4-9-11 my buff days shar2 shar1 Meyup shar4 shar5 me2010 me20101 shar222 cropped2 me2 fire, water & me new straight hair1 sharon033 join me happier days sharon 1713 new pic me and noods outdoors dork Me at venice skating SAM_2250 palm springs poser me and lucy my honeymoon 2005ish




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